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Pete Gustard

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Pete Gustard is a British musician known for his innovative and genre-bending approach to music. Creating a unique sound that defies categorisation that has won him rave reviews and a loyal following around the world.

Born and raised in Manchester in the UK, Pete was exposed to music from an early age and began playing the guitar as a child and quickly developed a passion for music. As Pete grew older, he began experimenting with different styles and sounds, incorporating influences from everywhere and any style that interested him into his music.

In 2020, Pete Gustard released his debut solo album, The Open Vein, which was met with critical acclaim and established him as an a talent in the British music scene. Since then, he has continued to push the boundaries of music, releasing 3 more albums that showcase his eclectic sound and fearless approach to songwriting. 

Pete Gustard’s music is characterised by hooky melodies, poignant lyrics, and complex yet accessible instrumentation. He has a gift for crafting songs that are both catchy and thought-provoking.

Despite his success as a musician, Pete remains humble and grounded, and is dedicated to using his platform to promote social change and inspire others to pursue their dreams. He is an artist who is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music.


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“The Open Vein is stocked full of wonderfully vivid tunes laced with lyrical imagery and tangible passion throughout. An artist we’ve known for years to put his heart & soul into the music he makes – it’s been more than awesome to watch & listen to his continued evolution through the years, and inspiring to see his level of commitment & creativity never wavers. A true man of music with an incredible new album – Pete Gustard is a serious contender in this top ten!.” - nomination for Best New Artist of 2020
Jeremy Gladstone
“The “Silent” EP is a beautiful blend of emotional and heart-felt pieces along with some great rock riffs and hugely grandiose musical ambitions. All of which are fully achieved by UK based artist, Pete Gustard. The surprise is that all of this happens within the space of only four songs. This of course allows the recording to stay consistent all the way through, so when the listener is fully captivated by the material, it is sure to be enjoyable from beginning to end. His sharp lyrical diction has been further honed since his previous releases, and sits alongside wonderfully thought out, artsy and stately instrumentation. Moreover, Pete Gustard’s voice has rarely been in this fine a form, and his original style is ever-present." - review 'Silent EP' 2022
Jacob Aiden
“Pete Gustard delivers rock with so much soul on the powerful “Silent EP”. The amount of territory covered within each track is jaw-dropping. Over the course of the epic journey, he brings the listener on feels outright physical. Electronica, hard rock, the blues, country, classic rock, really everything has a keen balance to it. Such a wide variety of avenues he chooses to go down further ensures that the listener is kept on their toes. A physically of sorts, thanks in large part to the incredible attention to detail that the production shows, further adds to this rather communal quality of the experience. His vocals too feature a commanding presence behind them for the lyrics have a poetry to them..” - Be About It Magazine 2020
Si Beach

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